Intellectual Problem Statement

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Problem Statement
Learning disabilities (LD) range from mild to severe. There are many problems faced with students with learning disabilities but there is one thing that they have in common. Students with learning disabilities appear to have problems but particularly more in one specific area. The commonality of this problem is that students with learning disabilities tend to often struggle in school and are put in to special education classrooms. These students have major issues with falling behind in their school work. There are many reasons as to why they fall behind and that could encompass problems at home, problems with concentration, or both. Reading comprehension appears to be the hardest subject to understand and comprehend for most
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Deciding where to implement it, how much, and what kind of technology to use are questions that are important to find out.
Qualitative Research Question
How is technology incorporated into a reading curriculum for learning disabled students?
Goals and Importance The goal of the study is to determine how technology can be incorporated in a reading curriculum to best help students with disabilities. Students with learning disabilities are often behind in their ability to read at grade level. It is important to understand how to use technology and what kind of technology to use.
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It would take place in a high school setting. Before data collection I would determine what type of technology I wanted to try out in my classroom. After looking through different type of assistive technology I would choose word identification aids to help the students with reading comprehension. I would learn how to use the aids and teach them to the students. I would use a progressive monitoring test before and after the experiment to see if the aids had an impact on the students reading comprehension. After the data collection I would see if the word identification aids had an impact on reading comprehensions levels. The role of the students would be to test each technology tool out and give me feedback. Their feedback would come from their progress monitoring