Intel 1998 Financial Status

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Intel 1998 Financial Status

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Intel Corp was founded in 1968, in the state of California. Intel is an independent company; it is not a subsidiary, nor does it have subsidiaries. Furthermore, it is well known for its microprocessors for PCs, chipsets, flash memory, embedded control chips, and network communications products. The purchasers of the products are original equipment manufacturers, PC users, and other manufacturers. Intel makes computer hardware including motherboards, microprocessors, and chips. It is responsible for approximately 90% of the computer microprocessors.

In 1971 the 4004 was Intel's first microprocessor. This breakthrough invention powered the Busicom calculator and paved the way for embedding intelligence in inanimate objects as well as the personal computer. Then in 1974 the 8080 became the brains of the first personal computer--the Altair, allegedly named for a destination of the Starship Enterprise from the StarTrek television show. Computer hobbyists could purchase a kit for the Altair for $395. Within months, it sold tens of thousands, creating the first PC back orders in history. In 1989 the 486TM generation really meant you go from a command-level computer into point-and-click computing. I could have a color computer for the first time and do desktop publishing at a significant speed," recalls technology historian David K.Allison of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. The Intel 486TM processor was the first to offer a built-in math coprocessor, which speeds up computing because it offers complex math functions from the central processor. Then in 1993 the Pentium® processor allowed computers to more easily incorporate "real world" data such as speech, sound, handwriting and photographic images. The name Pentium®, mentioned in the comics and on television talk shows, became a household word soon after introduction. In 1999 the Pentium® III XeonTM processor extends Intel's offerings to the workstation and server market segments, providing additional performance for e-Commerce applications and advanced business computing. The processors incorporate the Pentium® III processor's 70 SIMD instructions, which enhance multimedia and streaming video applications. The Pentium® III XeonTM processor's advance cache technology speeds information from the system bus to the processor, significantly boosting performance. It is designed for systems with multiprocessor configurations.

Intel has only one competitor, and it is a multinational corporation with offices based in over 10 countries. In addition, the company employs 64,500 people, and its annual net income in 1998 was 26,273,000,000 dollars.
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