Integumentary System Essay

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Integumentary System:
The Integumentary system is related to every other system because it serves as a protective barrier.
Immune: Not only does the integumentary system serve as a barrier against outside germs (mostly the epidermis), it also secretes oils that allow immune cells to live in the skin.
Digestive: The integumentary system also works with the digestive system in the absorption of sunlight to make vitamin D. Vitamin D is used for the process of digesting dairy products that help build the skeletal system.

Skeletal system: The absorption of sunlight helps produce Vitamin D which helps break down dairy products which help build bones.

Circulatory: The integumentary system works with the circulatory system in that certain things absorbed by skin is delivered directly into the bloodstream. The blood vessels in the skin also play a role in regulating body temperature.

Nervous system: sensory receptors on the skin provide information about the outside world to the nervous system. nerves control the activity of sweat glands

Reproductive system: Sensory receptors on the skin...

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