Integrity And Integrity

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In band, I try to help others when they don’t understand something, which supports my personal value for kindness.
Secondly, I do my best to treat everyone fairly to demonstrate the golden rule.
Next, I always make sure to focus in class and try to understand what Dr. Garvin is teaching about our music.
Furthermore, I try to be very responsible and I attempt to make sure to do what I say I will do, like practice my music at home.
Finally, I also make sure to care for my instrument and play it, not to play with it.
Failure Leads to Success
During band, I didn’t know how to play most of the very high notes. I eventually asked for help, and now, I know how to play every note.
There was a period of time when I didn’t play in class and
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As I previously mentioned, I never used to tongue the notes on my flute. It took me some time to change my original ways in order to move forward, showing flexibility.
Sometimes in band I misread how to play my music, but I am willing to learn more about melodies to get past this point.
Next, I always try to find better ways to practice my music that way I can learn it faster and push through to achieve my
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Last of all, I show flexibility by changing my ways of learning when I can’t finger my notes probably. One way that has helped me with this is practicing in front of a mirror, but I am still willing to do more to help me with this issue.
I try to make time to practice my music as much as possible because to me, music is really important in my life.
I do my best to consider every meaningful thing in my life when making my choices and decisions, like practicing for a concert instead of hanging out with friends for something less important.
Furthermore, I try to be aware of what is happening in the lives of people who are close to me, like the people in my band class before making a decision that could affect them.
Next, I try to stop what I’m doing and take a break from practicing my music every once in a while to help a friend in need.
And finally, I showed balance this year when I took time to practice my own music that is different than the music that we played at our concert. I did my best to enjoy that music instead of stressing over it to make it
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