Integrative Negotiation Case Study

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A company’s negotiation system should be integrated within its organizational culture. Negotiation is a considered as a win-win situations such as those that occur when two different parties are trying to find a mutually acceptable solution to a complex conflict (Lewicki, 6) According to Lewecky there at different types of negotiations where each [party can explain why bone side should get more than other. The distributive negotiation is mostly based on the premise that company’s resources are limited and often times can not distributive equally. Preparation, teaching, modeling and concluding are the main flow process for distributive negotiation. This specific type of negotiation will have a great impact within an organization especially …show more content…

Integrative negotiation has a set of guidelines in order to negotiate. , And the guidelines are The Acronym SHIFT:
- Study position, Interest, and reasons. -Honor other’s possible roles. –Incorporate both interests. - Find Rules of fairness. –Temper the size. (Lecture 6, slide 8,9). Furthermore, the integrative negotiation approach has also key steps that can be combined with the guidelines previously mentioned in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of the problem as well as a more detailed action plan. The key steps are: Identify and define the problem, surface interest and needs. Generate alternative solutions, and evaluate and select alternatives (Lewicki, 2011, …show more content…

Auto dealers are well known for being experts on negotiation, and they also have the experience to convince costumers to pay for overpriced vehicles. I knew it was a negotiation that was going to take a long time. My idea was not to overpay based on the market value of the car that I wanted to buy. As I approached the place I asked about the model, year, mileage, and price. I decided that since I was so new to the whole thing I was just going to show a very honest, and vulnerable, low-income student who is looking for a fair price. The suggested price was overpriced and after a shocked face he made an offer. An offer counts as an attempt by the speaker to commit himself to perform a future action if the hearer accepts this. Offers are similar to promises, but they differ from the latter in that the commitment to perform the future course of action is always conditional on the hearer’s acceptance (Ihnen, 2016,pg 148). The offer was still overpriced but it was not much, so I decided to established my price based on the argumentation that the amount was my three year saving. The strategies were focused on a distributive negotiation. After a couple of hours he finally settled with my set price. I was relief and amazed on how many arguments or reason you can think of while negotiating. In conclusion, negotiation is a never ending

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  • Explains that a company's negotiation system should be integrated within its organizational culture.
  • Explains that the integrative method is based on the premise of problem solving approach where all members support the bigger picture. integrative negotiation has a set of guidelines in order to negotiate.
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