Insulation and Influences

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Assignment #66
1. Till deposits differ from outwash deposits. The former refers to unsorted and unstratified rock material that is deposited directly by glacial ice. The latter references materials deposited by glacial meltwater. Outwash is sorted and stratified like any other stream deposit.

2. A terminal moraine is different from a recessional moraine. The former refers to the end moraine marking a glacier’s farthest advance. The latter describes new end moraines that are formed behind the first one when a receding ice front stops in new places for a period of time. However, end moraine deposits are spread over a large area in front of a glacier and no two parts of the ice front deposit exactly the same amount of material. Due to this, both terminal and recessional moraines tend to have irregular hills and hollows, rather than being straight ridges.

3. A drumlin may form when when an advancing glacier runs over an earlier glacial moraine. Consequently, the moraine is swept into long strips. Drumlins develop into long, narrow, rounded ridges of till with a long axis that runs para...
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