Insulation and Influences

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Imagine America, the land of equality, the nation of diversity, the epitome of idealistic tranquility. Then take into account the horrid bombings, shootings, and terrorist attacks that have occurred. The possibility of being able to prevent these tragedies is tempting. However, the U.S. government is seeking to take a new approach to this by accessing citizens’ private communications, such as phone calls and emails. This is a violation of civil rights and an intrusion into an individual’s privacy. No one can be expected to flourish if their rights are limited. There is no pride in being Americans and boasting about the freedoms endowed by the Constitution if the freedoms are being restricted. This controversy threatens to reverse centuries of fighting in favor of personal freedoms in order for the government to act in unethical ways. "We need to have intelligence. We need to find people who want to do us great harm. But we also have to appreciate that we are American citizens and that we have privacy" (Jason Noble). This kind of issue dates back to our very forefathers. Though the Bill of Rights clearly states freedoms like speech and press, privacy is an implied right also. Though the former freedoms contradict the privacy issue, there shouldn’t be any tinkering with the latter. Privacy is a vital concept. Sedition Acts are littered in America’s past. If people were so against the idea of not being to express themselves to others, they will surely react negatively to not being able to keep things even to themselves. This is a cruel twist of introverts being at a higher risk than extroverts. This is a moral problem as well now, a case of good versus bad. The idea of the government invading in their citizens’ personal lives is mor... ... middle of paper ... ... should be regarded as such. One can sympathize with the government’s prying methods as a way to avoid future consequences, but must consider the downfalls that are present with every success. The U.S. government has infringed their citizens’ right to privacy. Some are very quick to dismiss everybody’s civil liberties, which generations of Americans sacrificed to ensure in order to build a country that everybody envied. Calamities such as 9/11 does make it seem as though it makes sense to track for more terrorist plans, even though citizen’s rights will be violated. However, the deterioration of civil rights is should be avoided since many people fail to recognize the value of these rights until they are taken away. Hopefully, both the American government and its people will compromise on a way to be aware of what’s occurring in society without being too invasive.

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