Instructional Unit Analysis: Improving Students' Reading Comprehension

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What I Did

If you think of the most important thing that a student learns in elementary school it would be reading. Reading is a lot more than just decoding the words on a page. Reading is understanding or comprehending what you read. In the classroom, it is the hardest thing to teach to students because of this I developed a unit on comprehension. This taught students how to remember what they read so that they were able to re-tell their favorite stories to other people. I created this comprehension unit using different lessons to help teach different comprehension skills to the students. This unit also incorporates technology to help teach comprehension to students. I believe that teaching students how to read along with how to remember what they read is just as important as math and science.

Why I Chose This Project

The reason that I chose this project is because I believe that reading is the most important thing that a student can learn in school. I chose reading comprehension because I see students struggling with it every day. It doesn’t matter if the student is an above grade level reader, on grade level reader, or below grade level reader, all students struggle with different parts of reading comprehension. I believe that if they are taught strategies, it will help them improve their reading.

Why It Is Important

The reason that this is important is a student must not only be able to read the words but must understand what he or she is reading or things are lost to the reader and to others.

How It Relates To Appropriate Theories for Your Discipline

This project relates to behaviorism, constructivism, and cognitive theories. Behaviorism is direct instruction, phonics emphasis, and sounds and skills empha...

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... vocabulary was not explained clearly enough to the target audience?

7. Was there enough content for the students to learn the objectives?

8. How well did the assessment measure the learning objective?

9. Was the pacing appropriate for the instructional product?

10. Were the learners engaged throughout the instruction?

11. Were the learners on task during the practice time?

12. Were the learners engaged with the power point, movie, and game?

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