Installing Windows

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Installing Windows

Starting an Internet connection and establishing an email account is a long, hard process. It is not as difficult as designing a web page or starting your own web browser, but it is a difficulty within itself. It is specifically difficult with computers equipped with the Windows ’98 software. I will explain the process of logging onto the Internet and establishing an email account.

In order to begin the task of a dial-up, you must first establish a configuration. This process is begun by right clicking on the “Start” button at the bottom left of your task bar. By selecting the “Settings” option, and then selecting the “Control Panel” icon, you are gradually edging towards a dial-up network connection. Next, double-click the “Add/Remove Programs” icon in the window. This icon resembles two disks with one red and one green dot on them. Click on the “Windows Setup” tab at the top of the window that has opened. This should be followed by a click of the “Detail” button. You should then click to add a check in the box next to the “Dial-up Networking” icon, which is in the shape of a telephone. You should then click “Next” for the next two screens. This closes the “communications” and “Add /Remove Programs” windows. At this point, “Dial-Up Networking” has been installed in the computer.

You must now restart your computer, by simply clicking onto the “Start” button once again, which is located at the bottom left of the screen. After this, you should click onto the “Shut Down” button. A window will pop up with the options of: Shut down, Stand-by, Restart, or Restart in MS-DOS mode. You should choose the “Restart” option. This will reboot the computer. You are now ready to continue with step 2 of the process.

Begin step two by clicking, once again, on the “Start” button and follow this up by clicking on “Programs” and then “Accessories”. “Communications” should then selected and then “Dial-Up Networking.” You should then click onto the UVic NetLink icon, which resembles a telephone, with two computer screens or monitors attached to it. You should right-click this icon, which leads to the “Properties” menu. In the “Properties” menu, click the tab labeled “Options.” Under the section labeled “Connection Control,” check to see if the box next to the statement “Bring up terminal window after dialing,” is checked.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the process of logging onto the internet and establishing an email account.
  • Explains how to establish a dial-up network connection by right-clicking on the "start" button at the bottom left of the task bar.
  • Explains how to restart a computer by clicking on the "start" button once again, and then clicking "shut down". a window will pop up with the options of shut down, stand-by, restart, or microsoft-dos mode.
  • Recommends starting with the "start" button, followed by "communications" and "dial-up networking." then click on the uvic netlink icon, which resembles a telephone, with two computer screens or monitors attached.
  • Explains that the computer is now able to make a connection. dial-up networking and click the netlink icon will take you to the "connect" window.
  • Explains that it is permissible to start an email account after establishing a connection with netlink web server or server of choice.
  • Explains how to set-up a news account by selecting the connection wizard. enter the name, which you would like to appear in messages, and click "next."
  • Explains that starting an internet connection and establishing an e-mail address and account are two tasks that they find difficult to complete on the computer.
  • Explains the processes of connecting to the internet and establishing email accounts on a computer equipped with windows 98.
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