Inspector in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

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Inspector in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley I believe that in 'An Inspector Calls' the writer uses the character of the inspector in 4 different ways; A spirit/ghost of supernatural power, to express socialism as a crank, to voice the opinions of the author and to show Birling's/societies conscience. I am going to explore how the writer uses the character of Inspector Goole as a supernatural power through which he shares his voice and also the character's consciences. The play is written by J.B Priestley and explores the relationships between a middle-class family and the secrets they hide from each other. It is set in 1912 at a time of social upheaval and uncertainty, World War One was soon to break out and in the years to follow, strikes and general change was to happen. But in the Birling household everything is pleasant … for now. The Inspector's arrival creates dramatic tension and is perfectly timed, it is important because we get our first impression of him. We have no idea from the dialogue beforehand that something out of the ordinary is going to happen. The Birling family plus Gerald are having a little celebration and Mr Birling, Eric and Gerald are having a discussion, or rather Mr Birling is telling them his views on life and the world. He says 'there isn't a chance of war' when we know that just two years after, World War One begins. He says many things, which are proved wrong in future years, the audience find this ironic. His view on life is very selfish ''…a man has to make his own way- has to look after himself…' this shows he doesn't believe in helping others. The Inspector does believe in looking after others and he tries to teach Birling and others the error of their ways during the play. However just before he enters the stage the mood is contented and certainly not unpleasant. The doorbell cuts Mr. Birling short, Edna announces the Inspector and he comes into the Birling household. It is significant that the Inspector enters at a point where Mr.
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