Inspector Petar Ankucic V. Drake

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Introduction In this report an in depth analysis was undertaken to identify the SSHE principles conducted on the findings and relevance from case ‘Inspector Petar Ankucic v Drake Personnel Limited, t/as Drake [1997] NSWIRComm 157’ on the 25th of November 1997. A brief introduction to the cases established the defendant Drake Personnel Limited liable for the injuries sustained by labourer employee Michael Stephen Douglas whom was carrying our duties at Warman Industrial a specialist designer and manufacturer of slurry pumps. The employee was contracted to perform packing duties and the role of a general store person. Douglas was a holidaying resident from the United Kingdom and was employed by Drake Personnel in various companies performing …show more content…

The key issue established was the labourer acquired for the position did not meet the experience or qualification needed to perform these duties. A period of approximately two to three weeks had passed while during this period the employer did not engage into the relevant training required to perform the duties instead turned a blind eye to the safety and welfare of its employee. A match between previous experience and required duties was not correctly established which eventually concluded in a severe injury. The employer was aware of duties required to be performed at the workplace but had indicated to its employee that the array of duties would be of similar nature to his expertise of forklift operation, understandable the employee was bound by his position to not refuse work and carry out his required obligation to received a weekly wage although he was incapable of the required skills needed. (Saluzinsky, …show more content…

Another aspect of formal training that was not provided was the identification of surrounding dangers involved with the operation of the saw or the manual removal of the sawdust from the housing saw cabinet. Due to the saw recently being installed in the factory premises no identification was address regarding the use of the saw. The saw was factory fitted with sawdust extractor vents to eliminate the periodic manual removal although this system was not installed at the Warman workplace. Drake Personnel has failed to enforce a cease work action to not operating woodworking machinery at the Warman workplace until formal training or instruction was provided to Douglas. The training would ensure a detailed understanding of the machinery and its operation, the correct use of the machinery and the required actions to be performed as use of the machinery on a daily basis. (Wales,

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that an in depth analysis was undertaken to identify the sshe principles conducted on the findings and relevance from case ‘inspector petar ankucic v drake personnel limited, t/a drake.
  • Narrates how douglas had been performing various duties at warman international using a rotating saw. the saw required the operator to remove sawdust from the housing saw cabinet.
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