Insomnia and Alzheimer Disease

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1. A possible condition for insomnia is Alzheimer disease (AD). There is a risk of circadian rhythm disruption in people that may possibly have AD, because this leads to an increase in beta-amyloid plaques in the brain. This is related to cognitive loss as AD progresses (Kang et al, 2009). AD has no definitive test. Blood and urine samples are tested so other medical cases are ruled out. Doctors usually do various tests based on patient’s memory and thinking and also check family backgrounds. If AD is suspected, the patient is made to undergo brain imaging, most likely a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This shows the degree of atrophy of the brain and is an accurate detector of AD (Giovanni et al, 2010). A possible condition for nervousness is Depression, also referred to as clinical depression. While depression is a condition thought to be a state of low energy and nervousness a state of high energy, these two are more linked than expected. When you fidget or bite your fingernails (physical signs of nervousness), it is thought to be a depressing thing because, absence of control in one’s life adds to depression (, 2011). Depression is brought about by emotions like hopelessness and fear but nervousness is generated by the thought of the emotion. There are possible tests for Depression. Physical examination entails being checked for likely physical illness that may be the reason for depression. Mental examinations on behavior, mood, short-term memory, insight, place and person. Blood tests are also carried out to clear possible causes of depression for example serum cortisol and cortisol suppression test – to check for cushing syndrome (, 2011). A possible c... ... middle of paper ... ...Book, inc 17. Right diagnosis health graders, 2011, Nervousness and Depression,, [accessed 29th January 2014] 18. Schlumberger M.J, Filetti S, Hay I.D, Melmed S, Larsen P.R, Polonsky K.S, Kronenberg H.M,2011, Nontoxic diffuse and nodular goiter and thyroid neoplasia, William Textbook of Endocrinology, 12th edition. Philadelphia,Pa: Saunders Elsevier: chapter 14 19. Sergerson T.P, Kauer J, Wolfe H.C, 1987, Thyroid hormones regulates TRH biosynthesis. Science 238(4823):78-80 20. Titus S, Huang W, Marugan J, Southall N, Inglese J, Austin C, Zheng W, Englung E, Neumann S, Gershengorn M,2011, Identification of selective and potent thyroid stimulating hormone. PMID:21735603 21. Innes W, 2012, 10 possible signs of a thyroid problem, Symptomfind, [accessed on 23rd January 2014]

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