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Insomnia is defined as a "prolonged and usually abnormal inability to get enough sleep" in simpler words, insomnia is the difficulty of falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, general sleep quality, or some kind of combination of all these symptoms. We all have bad nights of sleep from here to there, but insomnia is classified as a long pattern that’s not only a night time issue, but trickles into the day time with some kind of problem with sleepiness, fatigue or concentration on issues. Everyone has usually encountered some type of insomnia, usually acute insomnia. But when acute becomes chronic insomnia ( ranges around three months, occurring 3 or more times a week) it becomes diagnosed as a sleep-disorder' class='brand-secondary'>sleep disorder. Insomnia is a pretty common disorder found among Americans, according to NPR, more then 60 million Americans were effected this year alone. Insomnia is a serious sleeping disorder effecting millions per year, in my essay I will address the symptoms in insomnia, the treatments, and the reason the disorder occurs.

Insomnia is classified in to two categories; primary insomnia also known as chronic insomnia, and short insomnia also known as acute insomnia. Each of these classifications have simple symptoms that could go unnoticed as a regular day pain without the knowledge of the disorder .Insomnia is a complicated disorder because there's always different factors for different people usually contributing to the disorder. Doctors usually look at behavioral issues in a patient such as their sleeping habits and how they may maintain good sleeping habits. The symptoms of insomnia can be divided up into day and night symptoms, the night time symptoms consist of having trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, or having...

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...o pass out and sleep. And there is also cognitive sleep therapy as well which is basically setting up a consistent plan to help change ones sleep routine.

In conclusion, insomnia has two main forms consisting of primary insomnia known as chronic insomnia which in short is not linked to any health condition/ disorders, but more along is caused by ones surroundings. The other main form is secondary insomnia also known as acute insomnia which is usually caused by a health relating condition rather then ones setting. Aside from the causes of insomnia there are a few simple treatments such as just simple sleeping habits or sleeping pills, or more drastic treatments such as behavioral therapy or reconditioning of ones sleep schedule. Insomnia is a serious sleeping disorder that effects millions of Americans a year and shouldn’t be considered as a light simple issue.

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