Insights in A Celebration of Grandfathers by Rudolfo A. Anaya

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Ever since we have been able to walk and talk, we have always been told to respect our elders. As we grew older, we used this old piece of advice to get respect from younger siblings and underclassmen. This quote was established under the understanding that your elders hold more experience, therefore they are wiser. They are able to give you insight into your life, and the world around you. In Rudolfo A. Anaya’s, “A Celebration of Grandfathers”, three insights that he receives from his grandfather consist of having patience, praying for rain, and the transformation of life. One of the most lasting piece of advice that was given to Rudolfo A. Anaya and expressed in his story, “A Celebration of Grandfathers”, was to have patience. Anaya described his grandfather as a silent man, that talked in short, to the point, phrases. “Ten paciencia” he had told him while trying to learn English as a second language, which is Spanish for, have patience. Anaya had cried out many times that he couldn’t learn English, but his grandfather taught him that patience was a needed virtue in learning a new...
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