Inside Out Is One Of My Favorite Disney Movies

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Inside out is one of my favorite Disney movies. Disney has figured out how to appeal to all age groups the movies’ content if fun and understanding for young children yet there are jokes and comments that adults can laugh at and enjoy as well. Their movies also have several levels of life lessons and stories. In Inside Out, children learn about different emotions and influences on personality while adults learn about emotional diversity and the intertwining of emotions that creates diversified humans. This movie was developed and produced with some of the top emotional researchers and contains several psychological elements such as belongingness theory, attachment style, cohesion and several aspects of roles. Belonginess theory states that “all people seek out and are motivated to join with other humans” (Day slides of Inclusion and Identity) and is a reoccurring theme throughout the movie. We first see belonginess theory when Joy is trying to figure out Sadness’s purpose in Riley’s life. Joy wants Riley to be happy all the time and notices other do not like when Riley is sad and Joy tries to restrict and limit Sadness’s emotional influence on Riley. This backfires on Joy and ends up creating more sad memories. Sadness desperately wants to belong in with the other emotions, but believes that no one wants her there. This causes Sadness more distress and discomfort because she believes she does not belong and begins to experience social loneliness. Later in the movie Joy realizes that Sadness was vital in creating one of Riley’s core memories. The core memory about hockey, Riley was upset that she had missed the winning shot in a playoff game causing her team to lose. Her sadness in missing the shot caused her friends and... ... middle of paper ... ...nd comforting Sadness when they are lost in long term memory. Overall, the variety of distinctive aspects of group psychology in the movie Inside Out was astounding and narrowing down to close to seven concepts and theories was a lot more difficult than anticipated. The seven concepts above are what really stood out and made an impact throughout the movie. Disney movies are known for appealing to all ages and incorporating some sort of life lesson or concept for children and adults. After picking apart almost every scene it seemed that there could be a life lesson in each. To name a few I noticed, its okay to let your children to experience and have sadness but parents should notice the difference between sadness and depression, and having imaginary friends as young children is okay, and some of the memories we create as children become a part of our personality.

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