Inside Joe DiMaggio's Life and Success

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Joe DiMaggio is an All-American baseball player who was a great influence on the United States. Joe had a great life filled with marriages, kids, and a great baseball career. Joe DiMaggio had many successes and failures during his baseball career, making him very interesting in the eyes of the public.
Joseph Paul DiMaggio, Jr. was born on November 25, 1914, in Martinez, California. Joe DiMaggio came to a ripe old age of 85 when he died on March 8, 1999, in Hollywood, Florida. Joe DiMaggio during his baseball career was nicknamed “Joltin’ Joe” and the “Yankee Clipper” by his fellow teammates (“Joe DiMaggio”).
DiMaggio’s baseball career started at the young age of ten years old. DiMaggio and his teammates won the Boys Club League Championships. DiMaggio helped the team by hitting two homeruns, which lead the team to victory. DiMaggio was awarded for his achievements with the payment of two gold baseballs and two orders for baseball merchandise which were worth eight dollars apiece (“The Man”).
DiMaggio’s next big step in his baseball career was going to play in the minor league. While DiMaggio was in the minor league he played for the San Francisco Seals. His biggest achievement during this season was that he hit safely in sixty-one games in a row which was a big accomplishment for DiMaggio (Kindred 26).
Then Joe DiMaggio started playing in the major league which is the best of best. DiMaggio played for the New York Yankees which is last team he plays for in his life. During the peak of his Yankees career, DiMaggio hit safely in fifty-six consecutive games. DiMaggio’s streak went on for a while but it was stopped by two great fielding plays. Then DiMaggio began hitting safely the very next game which lasted for sixteen games. Du...

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...o broke many records while playing for the Yankees. He shares a major league record for having he most home runs, which was two, in a single inning of a game on June, 24, 1936, in the fifth inning. DiMaggio also shares a modern major league record for having the most triples, which was three in a single game on August, 27, 1938, during the first game of the Yankees’ season (Kindred 25). DiMaggio was also the very first baseball player to be worth $100,000 (Kindred 27).

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