Innovation is the Main Strength of Apple's Success

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Innovation is the main strength of this the company’s success. It has created rare products, which have been in front of the curve such as the iPhone, which have transported touch screen engineering to the normal. Other touch screen devices were on hand at the time, but these devices did not look as appealing and did not have the best system. Other products like the iPad were created by Apple, which also brought the market forward, in terms of design and in competition. This company’s’ tradition towards a specific vision of research and growth into new-product concepts and thinking outside the box has created great sub culture within the company. “One of the things that Apple has been able to do with the successes of their product range is to collect a lot of money in cash. The company has over $100bn in liquid cash available on the balance sheet. The money has been criticized by its corporate investors for not investing it in companies or to return the money via dividends. Apple has started to take this information on board only after the death of Steve Jobs and has purchased companies, issued dividends and underwent share buy backs. This had inflated the share price more and also allowed Apple to use acquired company's technologies in their product range such as the Touch ID on the latest iPhone 5S.” Trademark loyalty is one of the best things that the company has been going for it. This has created a type of loyalty with consumers for Apple to keep and grow over time while their competitions, such as Android based smartphones, have found it hard to take some of this market back. The brand and the logo itself of the company are known around the world by most people and would be able to name at least one product made by Apple. Cu... ... middle of paper ... ... the Apple TV set-top box.” Apple competitions are their biggest threats. Like Samsung, Nokia and Sony are making it harder for Apple to keep its buyers, mainly because the different features there have to offer as well as available for a cheap price relative to the cheapest Apple product. Furthermore, the fast development in technology is a threat to Apple as well as strength. If the industry moves faster than the company, you can lag behind. This is may not be the case for Apple, but can change in the way which products are used in the future. Also just as we mentioned earlier, apple can be its own worst enemy where situations like the apple maps disaster... combined with apple filing so many patent lawsuits that some loyal customers are starting to ask… Is the grass greener on the other side? I tell them... No... That is just the android logo you are looking at.
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