Innovation during a Crisis: Advancement of Aviation Technology during WWI Lesson Plan

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Innovation during a Crisis: Advancement of Aviation Technology during WWI Lesson Plan Context: This lesson is designed for students in the fifth to eight grade level. Many of these students will already have an extensive background in aviation and/or aviation history. The lesson plan occurs in an informal class setting at a Museum as one day during a five day summer camp session named Wright Flyer to Right Now. The summer camp spends each day exploring a different period in aerospace technology starting with the early days of flight and ending with current space exploration. Since this lesson occurs in an informal summer camp setting, there are no formal education standards that are needed to be met. Instructional Objective: One objective of the lesson is to teach the students a short history of aviation during World War I. Another goal is for students to learn how aviation technology (and technology in general) advances during times of crisis. By the end of the lesson the students should be able to make connections to other periods of crisis and technological innovations. Theoretical Foundation: Knowledge facilitation/giving - . We are leveraging a knowledge facilitation stance with this as well to expose students to the nuts and bolts of aviation as this will supplement the lesson as to why aviation achieved what it did during WWI, a substantial component of the conflict as a whole. As stated by Grant, "Knowledge facilitating teachers generally believe that historical knowledge is a human construction." and "Historians of this ilk do not abandon the notion of factual knowledge, both they do assume that history is more than a particular stance toward knowledge, learning , and teaching....They believe that students c... ... middle of paper ... ...e were there radical changes in technology (aviation or other)? The first questions is a general review of the experiment. The second question will allow students to create their own interpretations of history based on the initial lecture and hands-on activity. The final question will make the students create connections between other periods of crisis and technological advances. These discussion questions will help assess the students grasp of the goal presented by the lesson plan. Accessibility: This lesson plan involves different teaching mediums. Students can learn visually and audibly from the presentation. In addition, students can learn through the hands-on activity. Instructional Materials: (Attach copies of all handouts, readings, visuals, ppts., lecture notes, etc.) Attached: World War I Aviation PowerPoint, Tri- Bi- Mono-Plane Challenge guide

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