Innovation And Innovation: The Importance Of Innovation In Business

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Today’s environment has become very uncertain and complex as well. Most organizations try to cut costs with the aim of attaining the short-term goals that they have. However, the winning organizations know that innovation plays a critical role in the success of the organizations. Innovation is, therefore, important for businesses to succeed. Being creative and solving complex problems is a content that has had a great impact to be. In organizations, problems will always arise. Some of the problems are simple, and easy to solve while other problems are very complex, and they require one to be a creative thinker in order to come up with the necessary solutions. Innovations also require one to be creative, since it helps in ensuring that one will…show more content…
It has made me realize that organizations are very complex, and thus they require a lot of seriousness for them to succeed. I believe that the knowledge that I have gained will contribute in making a positive difference. That is because I will use the knowledge in making decisions. The knowledge has also helped in showing me some of the ways through which innovations can be made. Therefore, I will make good use of the knowledge gained by ensuring that I get to make the right innovations, and use the right channels in making innovations as well. The course has also taught me of the strategies that are required in making innovations. Therefore, I will use the strategies in future to ensure that I get to make innovations that will succeed in the end. I have also learnt some skills regarding innovation from the course. I believe that I can use the skills in ensuring that I get to make innovations that are…show more content…
The goal is important in my personal and professional development as well. I have selected this goal since it will help in improving my ability to take a look at the big picture in complex situations to come up with the best possible way to solve those situations. The goal will also help in ensuring that I will get to understand different people, and handle them in the right way as well. By being an effective leader, it will be easier for me to solve problems in an organization. It will also help in improving cooperation and team playing in the organization. The professional value that I hope to achieve from this goal is organizational success. That is because organizations require effective leaders for them to succeed. Therefore, the goal will be of great importance in ensuring that I get to make an organization succeed. The goal is related to the resources that were reviewed in this course. That is because the course put a lot of emphasis on the success of organizations. The course stated that innovations play a great role in the success of organizations. However, effective leadership is very important for the innovations to
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