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Innovation is not always successful everywhere unless it meets the requirements of the objectives of learning and teaching at a particular place. Each environment is different from the other. It is not always successful to apply a good innovation from one place to another.

In the requirements of all kinds of tests in Viet Nam nowadays which are so much focused on grammar, the needs and interests of learners in learning grammar are very high. Also, there are so many different kinds of learners coming to language centers in Viet Nam to study English for their own purposes. Many of them could take their time to study English intensively while many others take it extensively. They only come to the English classes two or three evenings a week. However, their needs of learning grammar to pass the tests of National Certificates are great. Also, most of learners from high school and secondary schools need grammar background to do well their schoolwork. Therefore, the researcher would like to make an innovation of Grammar Textbooks to meet the requirements of learners’ needs and interests at the 4th Division of Nong Lam University – Center for Foreign Studies in Bien Hoa city. The researcher applied the problem-solving model to do this action research.


The purpose of this study was to see if the grammar innovation worked well with students at Nong Lam University – Center for Foreign Studies, at the division 4, at Bien Hoa city, and to see if the traditional methods in teaching grammar were still effective in such a place with particular students in this area in Viet Nam.

All the grammar courses were designed for the intensive students at Nong Lam University – Center for Foreign Studies. Most students here are university students. They study English for their graduation and for their job interviews. These students take 20 periods each week for their English studies. They spend 12 weeks each course with 240 periods on learning intensive English. Most of the materials are designed for communicative approach. These students have to take 2 courses in order to complete their elementary level of English in order to have enough background to learn TOEFL. During each course, they have 36 periods to work with grammar. In other words, they have totally 72 periods to finish their Basic English Grammar (two courses). The Center has been using the grammar book “Fundamentals of English Grammar” of Betty Schrampfer Azar.
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