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Innovation is one of the top priorities of today’s organizations globally. As they strive to stay competitive in the marketplace, organizations introduce innovative strategies to develop new ideas in product development and customer satisfaction. In an ideal world innovation in an organization would lead to efficient delivery of quality service ensuring customer satisfaction. Some researchers conclude that innovation may be sector or industry specific (Lawson et al, 2001), however what really drives innovation in an organization is a complex combination of leadership, environment, strategy and management style. With these key factors in mind, this research study aims to explore innovation framework in Water Utility organization and propose recommendations on ways to enhance the innovation process.

In the next section a Glossary of key terms will be presented followed by a brief discussion of the current innovation framework implemented in state Water Utility organizations. The next section will examine in detail the role of innovation in organisations, focusing on innovation strategies and alignment to the innovation process.

Glossary of key terms

Innovation There are several definitions of Innovation scattered throughout the literature (Denti, L. & Hemlin, S., 2012, Vilà, J., 2007, Nijstad, B, Berger-Selman, F & De, CW., 2012, Hobbs, B., Aubry, M. & Thuillier, D., 2008, Hameed, MA, Counsell, S. & Swift, S., 2012). By far the closest definition to this research paper is suggested by West and Farr (1990). They describe innovation as “the intentional introduction and application within a role, group or organization of ideas, processes, products or procedures, new to the relevant unit of adoption, designed to sign...

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