Injustices And Discrimination In Asian American Dreams, By Helen Zia

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“History repeats itself”
In Asian American Dreams, by Helen Zia, discusses the injustices and discrimination the Asian American community has faced throughout many years. (background) Zia elaborates that many Asian Americans faced injustices, and likewise so have other minority cultures faced the same issues. I’m a Hispanic, Guatemalan-Puerto Rican 17 year old girl, although I was born here in America, I don’t like to identify myself as American. I grew up in a hispanic environment. Zia grew up as feeling like a “twinkie” American on the inside but identified as “yellow” on the outside. Likewise I’m still “too white” to be hispanic; Oppositely, in American culture I’m “too hispanic or ghetto” to be American. In chapter seven of Asian American Dreams, Zia discusses the time period around the LA riots, and how Korean’s face discrimination by their culture and
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My puerto rican culture has been in the same incident the african american and asian american community experienced; as well as, the isolation the Korean American’s community from their community is what puerto rican americans receive today in their economic crisis.
Before the hearing of the 4 cops involved in the Rodney King case. 15 year old Latasha Harlins went to buy orange juice and placed it in her backpack, to next pay for the drink. The store owner Soon Ja Du miscommunicated Harlins actions and pulled her back and got punched in the face and shot Latasha in the back. Latasha Hankins was shot unlawfully by Soon Ja Du. Soon Ja Du should have received jail time. Instead she received probation. This was injustice to Harlins family and the African American community. Soon Ja Du received probation because she
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