Injustice In The Workplace Case Study

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Based on the case, there are a lot of issues that arises. Some are employee attendance issue, employee rights, injustice of employer in workplace and also employee misconduct actions.
In order to make sure the issues would not happen again in the future, there are actually several ways that we can take to avoid this. Thus, we think that employer as well as the employee should play their roles. Thus, the suggestion will be from two different perspective, which are from employer and employee perspective.
First of all, employee is referred to a legal entity that controls and directs a servant or worker under an express or implied contract of employment and pays or is obligated to pay the related worker salary or wages in compensation. From the
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As employee, we need to understand our rights. Employee should aware that they have their rights if there were unfair treatment in the workplace. Unfair treatment can be from the violation or victimisation of the employer towards the employee. Thus, employee needs to increase their awareness through reading about the rights of employee from the internet, company policy or even related news. Besides, employee can also ask from the expert (HR department) to know more about their rights. Otherwise, they would be cheated and fooled by the company they work for. Next method is by making a report. Since Kavitha (the Claimant) know that her employer was making violation or victimisation against her, she should make a report. She should make notes if there is violation or victimisation against her and make a report to the respective entity to help her. The first step to take is to report to the company’s HR management to solve the problem domestically. If it does not work, then the employee should report it to the Industrial Relations Department. The Industrial Relations Department can help to assist employees to resolve problems arising from unfair treatment by the employers. Next solution is through informal communication with employer. Since Kavitha always had issues with her boss, Ms Saraswathy, she should personally talk with her boss to get for a solution. She needed to ask if her boss is happy working with her or not or is there any reasons that the boss might dislike her. She might need to understand the employer needs too. By doing this, she can try to came out with solution that benefit both