Injustice And Instability Of Capital Punishment

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Injustice and Instability of Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment has been a ground for controversy in the United States for the last 50 years. State by state the death penalty has been revoked, as fewer and fewer are put to death. But with the decline in deaths comes to increase in controversy over the methods of execution. People have put into the question the new lethal injection method and the morality of the situation. The people of this country have come to the realization that capital punishment should be removed from our state 's legislature because it is does not prevent crime, it does not bring those who died back to life, and can easily be replaced with life without parole. The death penalty, stemming from both its brutal past and ineffective present, is a controversial and complex topic that all over the United States is becoming more clear that it is not an acceptable punishment due to the brutal methods, and lack of precise rules.
A large factor in the support for capital punishment is the claim that the death penalty prevents crimes from occurring, which is false. Data presented Doctor Michael Radelet, who has a PhD in sociology, in the essay “How does Detterence Work?” He stated “We expect that some of the would-be Texas murderers who think about sanctions would recognize this new law and take their friend or loved one to New Mexico to kill them, thus risking “only” LWOP. Obviously, this idea is absurd. Murderers tend not to think ahead, especially those who kill friends or loved ones during crimes of passion.” (Radelet). In this he is saying simply because the death penalty is place, doesn 't mean people are going to suddenly stop committing murder. Texas implemented a ...

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... understandings of fire science" and that the evidence they cited did not support a finding of arson.” (Fried). This quote represents one of the main reasons the death penalty should be removed. Innocent individuals should not be able to be put to death for crimes they did not commit, even if the evidence was initially pointing towards them. Evidence needs to be solid and indisputable.
In conclusion the banning of capital punishment within the United States should be a goal that should be reached soon. Despite the reasons individuals might want the death penalty, the pros of removal outweigh the cons. Whether that be because of the history of racial bias in America, or the innocent lives sentenced to death. America should not stand by and let events like these legally occur in our judicial system. A revolution must occur, a revolution to end this broken system.
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