Injection Procedures for Steroids

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Injection Procedures for Steroids There are three areas where steroids are the easiest and safest to inject. They are the glutes, delts, and thighs. The glutes are the easiest, so we begin there. The injection procedure will be explained in easy to understand writing. When injecting into the glute, divide one of the glutes into four equal sections, you are aiming at the top outer most quadron. Now in more detail, it should be 2-3 inches below the iliac crest. Iliac crest, the top of the pelvic girdle on the posterior (back) side. You can find this area by feeling the uppermost bony area above each cheek. This area has few nerves and blood vessels. into four areas. The darkest area is a more accurate area of where you would like to inject. A. Gluteal Injection: We are aiming for the upper/outer area of the gluteus maximus (as seen in the picture below) we will divide the glute into 4 equal sections, as pictured below: The darkest area is a more accurate area of where you would like to inject. B) LATERAL SURFACE OF THIGH The second choice would be the lateral portion of the thigh. The vastus lateralis muscle is the only area of the thigh that should be injected intramuscularly. This site is determined by using the knee and the greater trochanter of the femur as landmarks. The greater trochanter is the bony area that you can feel where the femur joins the pelvic girdle. The mid portion of the muscle is located by measuring the handbreadth above the knee and the handbreadth below the greater trochanter. Injecting into the front of the thigh or inside of the thigh is extremely unwise. These areas contain nerves as well as a number of blood vessels. C) DELTOID REGION The third common area for injecions is the lateral deltoid muscle. This is the meaty part of your side deltoid. Same procedures apply, and if you use a 1" needle, make sure to get it all the way in. Some recommend massaging the area after the injection to ease any soreness that may result. (This is a good idea with delt injections.) Choosing a Syringe: It is important to choose the proper syringe. The best syringes forintrumuscular injections are:1. 22 gauge 1 1/2" or 2. 23 gauge 1". This length is required for penetration deep inside the muscle. Shorter needles, 5/8" or 1/2" are usually not sufficient for intramuscular injections and occasionally leave a portion of the Injection in a subcutaneous area, which will cause a swell between the skin and muscle as well as impaired absorption.
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