Inherit the Wind

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Inherit the Wind, a play written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, has many extremely complex characters. Sarah Brady can easily be written off as a shallow character who’s only purpose is to follow her husband around, however, she is so much more than Matthew Harrison Brady’s personal cheerleading team. Mrs. Brady is motherly, empathetic, and incredibly supportive, and Brady would not have achieved anything without her.
Her motherly instinct can make her seem weak and shallow, but in reality it’s one of her strongest character traits. Brady can tend to overextend himself, putting him into situations that may threaten his health. Mrs. Brady keeps him in check. After arriving in Hillsboro, the town prepares a picnic for Brady to enjoy, before he begins to eat, she reminds him, “. . . it’s a warm day. Remember, the doctor told you not to overeat” (23). While these comments may seem like incessant nagging, they come from a place of unconditional love and worry. Mrs. Brady takes on this role of “mother” so well that her husband refers to her as mother frequently. After Drummond...
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