Inherent Evil In Lord Of The Flies

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Inherent evil is found in many places, particularly within humans. It usually is not present however, where law and order are present. In his novel, Lord Of The Flies, William Golding shows how difficult it is to remain innocent and pure, rather than corrupted and evil where no social order exists. When a group of young British boys crash on a n island, they try to act civilized and good. While the adult world is caught in an atomic war, these twelve year old boys struggle to remain orderly. Roger seems good at first, but commits evil deeds, like murder. Ralph becomes the chief, elected by the boys. Jack, another boy, tries to usurp Ralph's job as chief. Using Roger, Ralph and Jack, William Golding illustrates inherent evil in the human condition when outside forces are absent.

Roger illustrates inherent evil while on the island. Roger is a civilized young boy until he spends quality time on the island without adults. Roger goes from innocent to corrupt on the island. Roger killing Piggy with all intent is a show of evil. When Piggy and Ralph try to make Jack give back Piggy's specs, Roger silences Piggy: “High overhead, Roger, with a sense of delirious abandonment, leaned all of his weight on the lever” (Golding 200). This brutal killing of killing Piggy proves Roger's evil. Roger's intention to behead Ralph also shows evil. When Ralph asks what is going to happen to him, Samneric reply,“Roger sharpened a stick at both ends” (Golding 210). Samneric know that Roger intends to behead him, but Ralph does not understand this foul deed immediately. This intended
Muscat 2 beheading by Roger proves his evil. Roger's implied use of torture shows his evil as well. When Samneric tell Jack where Ralph is hiding, Roger threatens them: “I...

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... shows Jack's evil. Over the course of their time on the island, Jack's inherent evil becomes progressively more apparent.

William Golding illustrates inherent evil in the human condition when outside forces are absent through the characters Roger, Ralph and Jack in his book, Lord Of The Flies. Roger shows evil by killing Piggy, his implied use of torture on Samneric and the intended beheading of Ralph. Ralph shows his evil by denying Simon's death, contributing to his death and taking pleasure in wounding the boar. Jack also shows evil by killing animals for pleasure, ruthlessly murdering Simon, and beating Wilfred for no apparent reason. By using these characters, Golding illustrates inherent evil. These three characters show how without civilization and order, it is very difficult to stay pure and true. Without civilization, inherent evil slowly becomes present.
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