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Name Tutor Course Date Persuasive speech Outline Topic: Physical exercises through cycling General purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience on the importance of using cycling as their means of transport over short distances to achieve the requirements of physical exercises and addressing a number of critical public health issues. Thesis statement: Everyone should embrace cycling to achieve the required level of physical exercise. The speech shows that: (1) the prevalence of cases of obesity and chronic diseases is on the rise, (2) cycling is compatible with daily routine exercises and is a cheap way of exercising; (3) cycling will address many issues related to public health in the society. Attention step I. More…show more content…
[Credibility] Anyone in the society, including the immediate family members, can be affected by chronic diseases due to a sedentary lifestyle associated with lack of enough physical exercises. III. [Topic Justification] Lack of physical exercises is a public health issue that has led to a considerable increase in the cost of healthcare expenditure. The affected people will be dependent on the society for upkeep and healthcare and, thus, reduce the rate of productivity. IV. [Preview] I want to persuade the audience to adopt the culture of cycling as a public health initiative. A. Health issues related to lack of enough exercises are on the rise. B. Cycling is an easy and effective form of physical exercise that can be adopted by many people in the society. C. There are many personal and societal health benefits associated with cycling. Transition: Most people do not realize that the current major public health issues can be addressed through simple initiatives that can be integrated into the normal daily routine. Need step I. The prevalence of cases of obesity is the first sign that people are not having enough physical exercise. II. Obesity is associated with an increased risk of chronic…show more content…
Cyclic is a low impact physical exercise that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people of all ages (Better Health Channel). Cycling is a fun physical exercise that can be included in the daily routine of young people and the adults while undergoing their normal activities of commuting to work, going for shopping, and going to school. among other daily activities. Most people in the society are less involved in physical exercises due to their involvement in other activities that reduce the time to engage in physical exercises. For instance, the current learning environment has eliminated most of the time that was previously dedicated to physical education with the aim of improving other areas of education. Cycling does not require a specific time allocation at school, workplace or other formal environments as it can be performed while travelling from home and back on a daily basis. Other forms of physical exercises require time allocation to the gym or field work and also require special facilities and a trainer for effective application. Cycling can be compatible with most of the activities in daily routine and thus can be used as the most effective alternative to other physical exercises that require a lot of time and attention. In general, cycling can be used in everyday activities that range from formal requirements at school and at work to recreational activities

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