Informative Speech On Body Image

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1. Attention getter: Have you ever wanted to look like this? (Reference visual 1 and 2) or would you prefer to look like this? (Reference visual 3)
2. Reveal Topic: At some point or another most of us have wanted to change something about our appearance in order to become more attractive. Even those of us who are happy with our appearance are affected by the idea that there is an ideal body image for both men and women in our society.
3. Ethos: Through extensive research and my own personal work experience as a merchant for a women’s apparel Brand, I’m going to talk to you about the effects Mass Media can have on a healthy body image.
4. Preview of Main Points: After explaining what body image is and why it’s important I’m going show you how Mass Media has
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In The Journal of Health Psychology, Health Psychologist Sarah Grogan explains, “Body image relates to a person’s perceptions, feelings and thoughts about his or her body and is usually conceptualized by incorporating a persons estimate of their, size, body shape and overall attractiveness. (Grogan, 2014)”
B. So why is body image important? We all have ideas about how we look and these ideas are critical in how we value our own self worth and how we treat ourselves.
C. According to an article written by Brown University’s health department titled “Body Image,” “People with a negative body image tend to feel shameful, awkward and anxious about their bodies. They feel their size or shape is a sign of personal failure and there is a feeling of inadequacy when they compare themselves to others, which they tend to do more frequently then those with a positive body image.” ( 2015)
D. If a person has a positive image of themself, he or she will more likely be proud and accepting of his or her personal appearance as it is, rather than striving to change it to be something different. There is an understanding your physical appearance says very little about your character and value as a
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