Informative Speech: Female Beauty Standards

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Female Beauty Standards: Comparing West and East (U.S. and Asia) Debate and Public Speaking | Informative Speech All around the world, there are different countries and places in which hold different perspectives and identities. Within these separate places are multicultural backgrounds which then include beauty standards. Growing up in the United States and being exposed to social media, magazines, and clothing store ads, we come to realize what beauty means in the eyes of American viewers. However, what Americans define as beautiful may not be the same for many other countries. In today’s informative speech, I will be juxtaposing western and eastern female beauty standards specifically targeting the United States and Eastern Asia which includes…show more content…
In there they were selling cosmetics. My mom ended up buying a cushion foundation, also known as a bb cushion, which is pretty much foundation in a small compact to take it wherever you go. Thinking that she was a natural beige, she bought two sets of that color. When she eventually tried it on, the natural beige made her face look like a straight up ghost. Surprisingly we got the second to darkest shade. On the back it said SPF 50 PA +++. American beauty products rarely ever use sunscreen within their products, especially to the extent of SPF 50. When they do decide to go under the knife for Plastic Surgery, it is rarely ever for breast augmentation or butt implants and what-not. Plastic Surgery in East Asia are mainly used to achieve a slimmer face by shaving down the jaw, double eyelid surgery (which everyone in this room has except me), and a nose job to slim down the frame. Eyelid tape, eyelid glue, and Circle lenses are alternatives to achieve the large and doll-like eyes that East asians…show more content…
I hope that everyone here can take this speech and realize the differences between not only surrounding cultures, but also expectations. It is important to remember that a person will tan skin will be valued differently for example, here in the U.S. than that of China, and so on. So if anyone is feeling pressured to look a certain way, there really is nothing to be ashamed of- whether it’s crooked teeth, pale skin, wide hips, etc. With different beauty standards come different perspectives and
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