Informative Essay: Reality Isn T Always Reality

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Déjà Johnson Professor Andrews English 100 11/6/17 Reality isn’t always reality Reality television has been around for decades. Around the 2000’s reality shows had took off, making reality television the most popular genre on television. Reality T.V plays a very important position in people everyday lives. Reality television programs of today are popular because of the variety of attitudes and values that are used to construct the viewers. In this specific program, the producers will creatively edit the footage to present an interesting story and the participants are often thrown into a scripted situations and are also told to say “this is not scripted”. Reality television is not to be made informative…show more content…
The only problem with them living in the spooky mansion is how spooky can it be with a whole camera crew following your every move and living in the house with you, my point is, that there are reality shows that speak to real life existing things but also there are shows like “Scared Famous” that are well scripted. Reality T.V shows has come a long way with editing, recruiting, and pay rates. Going on reality Tv is the easiest way to get on per say. It takes away from people having a nine-to- five job. Being on T.V is of course a good thing but with reality T.V it’s kind of hard to say, because reality T.V can have a good perception or negative…show more content…
If there’s going to be “Reality Television” it needs to Reality, it needs to be real life situations with real life outcomes. For reality to change we have to do something different. We have to start by not watching. I know reality television has taken over and is the only thing on television right now but unfortunatly we have to start somewhere. People get there peace od mind watch reality television but finding something else to grab your attention would better reality T.V because your not watching and maybe we can get some real T.V shows. Personally I use to love reality televsion with Love & Hip Hop” being one of my favorite I would go home after school grab food and sit on my couch all day and watch reruns of different seasons of Love & Hip Hop, Empire and many more, it may have taken me about a good year and half to not reli on reality televison to interest me into watching T.V. I did this until I was able to find something that sparked my interest like work. After going to school and working at the same time i had no time for reality television, infact no

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