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Before going any further with this paper, I would like to take a moment to thank the crew of the space shuttle challenger for their bravery, courage, determinations and and sacrifice for this great nation. Francis R. Scobee (2), Commander, Michael J. Smith (1), Pilot Judith A. Resnik (2), Mission Specialist 1, Ellison S. Onizuka (2), Mission Specialist 2, Ronald E. McNair (2), Mission Specialist 3, Gregory B. Jarvis (1), Payload Specialist 1, Sharon Christa McAuliffe (1), Payload Specialist 2 (science.ksc), were parents, friends, children, husbands and wives, heroes, smart human being that were killed on this tragic day. May God be with your soul and may your memories and courage and passion shall not be forgotten but instead drive future generation determination and passion. The crash of the space shuttle …show more content…

The integrity of the structure and of the seals of all joints should be not less than that of the case walls throughout the design envelope (rec 198,
It took NASA a couple years to resume its flight to orbit. The catastrophe of the space shuttle challenger shook them up and have rethink their procedures and methods of operation. NASA, improve or I should say worked on developing its shuttle management structure, its shuttle safety panel, critical review and hazard policy, communication, safety organization and many more.
The crash of the space shuttle challenger could have been avoided and yet, the life of the crew members could have been spare if all the safety precaution were taken into considerations. We learn and improve ourselves from our mistakes, but we still have the choices to prevent those mistakes from happening by doing things right and the way there are supposed to be done. May they rest in

In this essay, the author

  • Thanks the crew of the space shuttle challenger for their bravery, courage, determinations, and sacrifice for this great nation.
  • Explains that when an aircraft crash occurs, there has to be events or succession of events that cause the crash to happen. the space shuttle's crash was caused by a problem in the joint between the two lower segments of the right solid rocket.
  • Explains the structural and mechanical factors that prevailed the crash of the shuttle, which occurred when the challenger flew in the worst wind shear ever recorded.
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