Informative Essay On Social Media

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With technology becoming increasingly more common in our generation, people of the world spend the majority of their time on Social Media. Social Media allows people to do tasks such as speaking with anyone else who also owns a Social Media website account. There are a variety of Social Media websites out there that consists of owning either a Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace account. Vast majority of people who owns an account uses them to play games, chat with friends, and to simply have fun. Yet, there are some instances where people abuse these rights and uses Social Media as a way to blackmail and bully others, especially adolescents and more specifically, teenagers that are still in highschool. Cyberbullying in Social Media has became a…show more content…
Her story is one of the more stuck out one since she has posted a video onto Youtube about her depression, anxiety, and her self harm that happened. When Amanda was in the seventh grade, she went onto an online chat room and met a man who talked Amanda into flashing her breasts. A year later, the man has appeared once again and told her that if she was not going to put a show on for him, he was going to post the pictures that he has took of her, viral. Not doing what she was told, the man has posted the images of Amanda. Once the students around the school noticed, they have began to tease her. Causing Amanda to leave the school and move to a new place. The anonymous person seemed to have known who she was, her friends, her family, and the people who were close to her. Once she has moved away and made it to her new school, the same person decided to create a Facebook page about her and used the photo of her breasts as the profile picture. Her new friends left her, causing her to be alone once again. Later, when Amanda returned home she attempted to commit suicide by drinking bleach. With her attempt at suicide a fail, she attempted again.It was October 10, 2012 when her body was found in her
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