Informative Essay On Sharks

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sharks? Sharks make people think of death and fear. As you will be able to see after i discuss types of sharks, their habitat,the food they eat, and their intelligence. They don't seem as bad as you think so. First sharks live a habitat under the water in the sea. Sharks live in many different oceans. They live in the the pacific ocean, Atlantic, Indian,and the Arctic. Mostly all sharks live in salty water, but some sharks live in the river. Sharks live in coral reefs under the water, but a lot of the time they are swimming around hunting for prey. Next there are over 400 different species of sharks. Hammerhead sharks are the most recognizable fish in the sea. They also have eyes…show more content…
Five to ten people worldwide are killed by sharks each year. Not bad right? Most shark attacks happen by accident because the shark thinks that the people in the sea are their prey. After their attack they realize it’s not prey and swim off. Many attacks occur in the seas around North America. Basically in Florida,Hawaii,Australia, and South Africa. So stay away from there!!! Shark attacks can happen when sharks are angry. Some divers get attacked because they pull the shark's tail for fun. Provoked sharks are definitely dangerous. Humans fear sharks ,but sharks have plenty of reasons to fear us humans. Many different kinds of people kill sharks for food, sport, fun and games, and sometimes on accident. Some people catch sharks cut their fins off,and then dump[ them back into the ocean, and eventually they drown because they can’t swim without their fins. People put shark nets under the sea to protect them from dangerous sharks. When sharks get caught in nets they either have to find a way out quickly or they will drown. Sharks are not smart enough to realize they are swimming into a…show more content…
These animals are so tiny that sometimes they can only be seen through a microscope. Some of the biggest sharks feed on the smallest animals. The whale sharks,basking shark,and megamouth. They all feed off of plankton eaters. Sharks don’t prefer humans over animals because sharks like animals with fatty flesh,that's why they like seals. Sharks also like squid and small or medium sized fish. Sharks don't pick a specific fish to eat. Most sharks just swim with their mouths open and whatever they run into that is what they eat. From a shark's point of view under water a person on a surfboard looks like a sea turtle,and so they just go up for it and eat it. Most sharks aren’t up on shore, but if you're deep in the ocean and you're on a surfboard you might get attacked. Lastly. Most animals have intelligences for something they do, but sharks have been studied and they don't have a intelligence. All sharks just swim around hunting for prey, and eating fish. Now that you have heard all about shark”s habitat,the food they eat,and their intelligence. They aren’t as bad as you though
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