Informative Essay On Painkillers

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In today’s society many patients are prescribed painkillers to help with chronic pain, however many people abuse these prescription painkillers. Hydrocodone and oxycodone, two of the higher dosages of painkillers, are by far most abused by ones that have no medical reason for taking them. These painkillers give a sense of euphoria or intense happiness which makes them especially addictive in today’s society. Painkiller addiction is dangerous because it tears apart a person’s life, and he or she could become completely dependent on the drug. It could control their days to the point where they cannot function without them. Keep in mind that these prescription painkillers are also the leading cause of overdoses in the United States, for ones who…show more content…
This makes them much more addictive because they’re everywhere. Although, painkiller addiction stems from teenagers to elders, teenagers are the most affected by this. Teens believe it is a safe way to get high, and marijuana is not safe. In fact, in a survey 50% of teens believed illegal street drugs were not as safe as taking prescription pain killers. This false assumption has led to thousands of addictions and numerous overdose fatalities because teens thought painkillers were safe. Finally, teens are at a much greater risk of becoming addicted to painkillers than adults are. This is because a teenage brain is not fully developed, especially impulses, so teens know this high makes them feel good, and they keep taking it and slowly become addicted to painkillers. The majority of prescription painkiller addicts are teenagers due to their habit of experimenting and eagerness to try new items. Scary test results show 70% of teenagers who abuse painkillers do so without parents’ knowledge of them taking their pills. These teenagers experiment because they want to have a little more fun, lose a little weight, or study more effectively, but they are at risk of becoming addicted to this life altering legal drug. Also, these teens want to do well in sports and keep them relaxed, but painkillers are 100% contradictory to this theory because painkillers main…show more content…
Children (10-14 years old) usually watch their dad, mom, grandma, or brother/sister taking a painkiller and think it is okay. For instance, a little girl watches her brother take an ADHD pill every morning and complain he has no appetite. This little girl may want to lose weight and realize she may take it also, so she will not have an appetite either. She believed it was okay because it was prescribed by a doctor; therefore, she also took the medicine like her brother. Painkillers have vast channels to receive them whether from parents, doctors, or drug salesmen’s on the street. Also, not all kids want to become addicted to painkillers, nor do they want to make bad decisions in school because of it. Painkiller addiction can be prevented, but with some children it is accidental and in their mind they did not know any better. Children are constantly being introduced to these different painkillers such as ADD/ADHD and pain pills. At a young age some children have to take Ritalin, Concerta, or Adderall just to focus, but this can quickly turn to an addiction later on because of the everyday use of these
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