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Captive Orcas Orcas, also known as killer whales, have been in captivity for over fifty years The captivity of killer whales made SeaWorld famous, and this is why SeaWorld is so popular today. There has been over one hundred orcas taken from the wild and sent to captivity. SeaWorld, however, has captured more than twenty of the whales, and more than thirty of their whales have been captive-born. The one hundred plus whales weren’t just taken from the wild. They were taken from their family. Because of the poor treatment that SeaWorld has caused to these whales, they have killed or injured more than one hundred people in captivity. There has not been one incident of an orca injuring a human in the wild. Keeping killer whales in captivity is unsafe for the trainers and is definitely an inhumane act against these magnificent creatures. When the captures were going on the movie, Blackfish caught glimpse of what was really going on during the kidnapping, moreless saying: They had aircraft they, had spotters, they had speedboats, they had bombs that they were throwing in the water. They were lighting their bombs with the acetylene torches and throwing them as fast as they could to herd the whales into coves. But the orcas had been caught before, and…show more content…
Dawn was born on April 16, 1969 in Cedar Lake, Indiana where she grew up. Dawn was involved in many school activities, she was a cheerleader, a member of the golf team, student-body president, and the homecoming queen. For Dawn 's 16 birthday all she wanted was to adopt a whale in her name, so that is what she did. She graduated high school from Andrean High School in Merrillville, Indiana. "Dawn went on to college at the University of South Carolina. She majored in Psychology with a minor in Biology, she was also on the dance team and became an active member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority" ("Dawn 's

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