Informative Essay On Concussions

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Have you ever hit your head on something as silly as a shelf or table? Did you experience any headaches, memory loss, nausea or vision changes following the incident? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may have had a concussion or mild brain injury. Concussions are a current worldwide hot topic, but are they as important as the media portrays them? According to an section titled “Sport Concussions” in a Teen Health and Wellness archive, a concussion is a brain injury resulting from a head trauma, blow to the head, or whiplash movement; temporary loss of brain function can occur. The Brain Injury Association of America states concussions are the “most common brain injury among athletes.” In 2014, according to the Centers for …show more content…

Many different tests are registered. Factors that play into these baseline tests include: brain history, symptom evaluation, current brain function, cognitive assessments, balance evaluations as well as clearance from a physician. If someone hits their head and is perceived as concussed, they must retake the baseline quizzes and tests established before participating in said sport. A visit with your physician must be scheduled, clearance must be established. Haley Golden, a senior at Piedra Vista High School, was concussed before a baseline was even established; therefore, making it more difficult to determine if she has a true concussion. She had to rely on only a physician and other tests to determine if she was concussed. Haley believed her “doctor portrayed the severity of my concussion pretty well…my coaches didn’t get it at all, whatsoever. They just expected me to be so much better so much faster than I was…” Following her multiple concussions, she believes her most recent concussion was handled properly, although her recovery was long. Student athletes are not the only athletes susceptible to concussions, anyone can have a concussion at any point in time. Specifically speaking about athletics, we hear a lot in the media about professional

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