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Psychiatry is a medical field associated with different mental disorders of individuals. Psychiatrists deal with many individuals in society and treat them with the proper medicinal needs, while also communicating with them to find a suitable treatment that works for the individual. A psychiatrist must examine a patient thoroughly to give a proper diagnosis. Through history psychiatry has produced different sub categories, including: geriatric psychiatry, adolescence psychiatry, clinical psychiatry, and general psychiatry. Psychiatry gains controversial issues as it moves forward; it can also produce a negative impact on the psychiatrist’s personal life. The need for psychiatrists is on the rise; it is a growing profession with a large salary because of the request for psychiatrists in general hospitals. A psychiatrist must be cautious when dealing with patients; one must put up a safeguard to ones beliefs to properly treat the patient. The medical field of psychiatry has an interesting history and requires a certain mindset to do the tasks required by psychiatrists
Although many psychologists contributed to the development of modern psychiatry, Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud paved the way for psychiatry today. Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud’s friendship became relatively close over their years of research, as one can see from the hundreds of letters they wrote to one another (The Freud, Jung Letters, 1974). Freud became popularly known for his theory “The ego, superego, and Id”. This theory states the changes the brain goes through as children grow up, “The Ego” pertains to understanding reality and the demands it comes with and makes up the conscious mind. “The Superego,” is the preconscious, becomes an inner repre...

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