Information is the Acknowledgement of Facts

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Information is the acknowledgement of facts and physical happenings that can be seen, observed and analyzed. While knowledge, on the other hand, is linked to the critical assessment of one’s perceptions and comprehension of the inferences being drawn from the observed facts. Knowledge also encompasses the ability to feel that is hidden and implicated in this universe as well as in the behavior and dealings of our fellow human beings. Information and knowledge often go hand in hand but the status of information is often misunderstood and elevated to that of knowledge which occupies a higher place in the column; since, it plays a definite role in the development of a person’s personality by enriching his wisdom and fostering the intellectual growth. Although, some people opine that excelling in one’s knowledge enables oneself to earn handsome living to spend a better-off and blissful life., however, gaining more and more knowledge only adds to the feelings of sorrow and grief of a person because increase in knowledge and wisdom brings an understanding of the grievances from which humanity suffers along with the acknowledgement of the limited and lonely nature of human beings in this infinite universe.

Delving deeper into the ocean of knowledge makes one realize how, over the course of history, poverty, health hazards and wars have caused severe atrocities to the human race. Despite technological development, a large proportion of human population still breathes below the poverty line. According to United Nation statistics, about 1.2 billion people live on less than one dollar a day which constitutes about 17% of the entire population of human beings ("United Nations Millennium Development Goals”). Such a high poverty rate results...

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