Information and Communication Technology

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Information and Communication Technology refers to a group of terms. In this project management, we have various forms of technologies, these can be used to collect, store, edit and pass the information. Above all of these project management have divided into various types of is divided into five types, they are
1. Initiating.
2. Planning.
3. Executing.
4. Monitoring and Controlling.
5. Closing.
In this project management, knowledge can be mainly focussed on the ten types of different goals. They can be listed as integration, scope type, time, quality, cost, procurement, human resources, communications, risk management and the stakeholder management. This brings a unique focus by shaping the goals. The value of focus is proved by worldwide growth of project management. This project management is the process of controlling the achievement of the project objectives.

Project Management Success Factors:

It will affect the ability to achieve the includes certain variables and the other factors. The success of a project would implies certain range of goals and policies; they are
1. Goal should be realistic.
2. Competition among other projects.
3. Satisfying the client.
4. Goal should be definite.
5. Profitability.
6. Third parties.
7. Availability in the market.
8. The process which we implement for success.
9. We should have awareness by the value of the project.
This indicates certain techniques by which we reach the goals and implementation process. These roles are affected by other factors which will be directed to control the project manager. This starts to explain why projects are succeeded or failed independent in the process of project management.

Project Management Failure Factors:

The most of the informa...

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...the projects in a lot of sections. They did not follow for one provider to one customer.

6. Accountability:-

The main reason for failing the projects is due to the insufficiency of money because they use money for the other purposes and they are lack of money at last.
These are the main reasons why the ICT Projects are mainly failing.


The main reasons for success of ict projects are to working together and cost benefit analysis, analysing the work and efficiency. So many projects rest of the 60 percent are successful because of these main ideas.


To sum-up, all of the above terms regarding to the information and communication technology projects these are the introduction, success and failure factors, evaluation methods and real time examples for the success rate and failure rate for the ict projects.
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