Information and Communication Technology

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Information and Communication Technology



SECTION A: Description of Problem.. 3

SECTION B: Analysis. 4

SECTION C: Specification. 4

SECTION E (i): Hardware. 4

SECTION E (ii): Software. 4

SECTION E (iii): Data Collection, Capture & Input 4

SECTION E (iv): Data Verification and/or Validation. 4

SECTION E (v): Data and Program Structure. 4

SECTION E (vi): Output Formats. 4

SECTION F: Testing. 4

SECTION G: User Documentation. 4

SECTION A: Description of Problem

I plan to do my coursework on a local sports clothing manufacturer and

sports equipment retailer called Just Sports. The company was

established 18 months ago and sells a wide variety of customised

sports clothes and equipment, ranging from footballs to exercise


A sophisticated point of sale cash register captures all the sales,

however there is currently no way for this data to be accessed for

analysis of the business. To compensate, the company uses a manual,

paper based system to capture product and customer information on a

Sales Form at point of sale. Customer details are later transferred

from the Sales Form to a card file system and are held in alphabetical

order by surname or business name. There is no existing process to

transfer product details from the sales forms to any other reports.

When the shop first opened, the owner worked full time along with a

part time sales assistant. Competitive prices, informed customer

service and a willingness on the part of the owner to find specialist

sports equipment for customers resulted in dramatic sales growth over

the 18 month period. The shop has recently won several important

contracts with local schools and sports clubs to be the supplier of

their official sports kit as well as sports equipment.

To meet growing demand, the shop now carries a wider range of products

with an increased number and range of items held in stock.
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