Information Technology, the Web Publishing Focus Track and Mohammed Alsubaie’

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Information Technology (IT) is a broad area of study and provides a number of careers to choose from in different specializations. Some of the specific fields of IT are Digital Forensic, Networking, and Web Publishing. As a learner interested in pursuing a career in Information Technology, it is important to determine the specific area to focus on. Planning what . This requires finding reliable information about the specific career field and weighing its requirements against one's credentials. In my case, if the qualifications involve my interests, aspirations, achievements and experiences, then Web Publishing is the Information Technology field for me. Even though I enjoy Digital Forensic, I enjoy more Web Publishing. Web Publishing essentially involves putting content on the Internet. As a task, web publishing includes activities such as creating websites and uploading to the Internet, downloading from the Internet, posting blogs on the Internet, and updating web pages (Greenspun 5). It can be likened to the traditional print publishing, but as a contrast, Web Publishing utilizes the Internet as a medium. Therefore as a start, an understanding of the Internet and the World Wide Web is essential. Web Publishing as both a career and a task requires one to have skills in, and knowledge of the web technologies (or tools), including hypertext markup language ( HTML), XML, XHTML, PHP, cascading style sheets (CSS), Ajax, JavaScript, multimedia, video, audio, and other web design and development tools (Brubaker 134; Greenspun 6). Skills in and knowledge of common applications for creating, finding, viewing, distributing, and managing web documents is essential (Brubaker 135). Other essentials of Web Publishing include skills in search engine optimization (SEO), website usability, and web analytics. Basic skills such as communication skills, reading and writing skills, and

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