Information Technology for Regional Gardens Ltd

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What is the case: - There is a company named Regional Gardens in Bathurst with 150 employee, company runs a number of enterprises working related gardening. Company owns Regional Gardens nursery which selling plants gardening related material to public. Company also owns Regional Garden planners which works as the consultancy. At its main site where company servers and data is stored has the following infrastructure • Regional Gardens Ltd is a company that runs a number of related gardening enterprises. It has a large display garden that it opens for public inspection a number of times a year. The company also owns the Regional Gardens Nursery which sells plants and garden supplies to the public. The company also owns Regional Garden Planners, which is a small company that provides garden advice, design and consultancy services. • Drawbacks of old servers infrastructures • Using many servers for company, increased power consumption for individual server • To control heating of Database server, cooling process is expensive • Occupy different hardware with many space • Maintain all server work together, etc. • Benefits of Para-Virtualisation • Most efficient virtualization technique at the cost of flexibility and security • Occupy space through consolidation • To redundant server without buying extra hardware • Programmers have isolated & independent system to control easily • Legacy system For that hardware virtualisation is more beneficial to handle all servers together and provide data from data centre of server to user virtual desktop. [(n.d.). Retrieved from] Proposed Virtual Technologies- In this case I recommend for two types of virtualization in case of Regional garden limited company.... ... middle of paper ... ...firewall is there to filter network traffic for the virtual network adapter. • Data Protection & Encryption • Encrypt data of virtual system to make sure about confidential information is not exposed if the device is lost or stolen [Kamity, K. (2011 , February 11). Desktop virtualization. Retrieved from] References: Virtual desktop infrastructure and the network. Access and Data Center Network, DOI: Retrieved from‎

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