Information Technology Has Made A Significant Impact On The Quality Of Life

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In the last two decades, information technology has made a significant impact on the quality of life, whether it be in the work setting or in our personal and public life. It takes on several different tasks such as handling data and information dealing with advances in telecommunication and computer technology. Information technology is currently known for the use of its extensive tasks on decision making, ease of operation, communication, record keeping and high productivity. Also IT have led to dramatic changes such as transactions becoming paperless, cash being converted to E-cash and businesses being able to be managed even without the manager being in the office. These changes led to the development of a Management Information development approach (O’Brien & Marakas, 2007). The Management Information System was originally written for business and computer science student to provide a real-world understanding of Information Systems (O’Brien & Marakas, 2007). Eventually MIS were spread to managers in different areas of work. In order for a manager to be successful, they have to make critical decisions in a timely manner that are based on relevance and updated and organized information. While many believed that understanding the traditional functions such as planning, organizing, and staffing could benefit a company, company’s are looking for more, such as the systems approach to management along with participation in analysis, implementation and utilization of computer based information systems (O’Brien & Marakas, 2007). According to Rhodes (2010), management information systems allows for managers to quickly access information as well as giving the mangers a sense of how their decisions fit organizational strategy. This... ... middle of paper ... ...e, within budget, reliable, maintainable, and holds the ability to meet the goals of the users (Sumner, 1999). The Monsanto company made use of the SAP project, while the Boeing Company made use of the Peoplesoft project. To begin with, Monsanto is considered one of the world’s largest chemical and life sciences companies. Their business focuses on a $2 billion drug division, a $1.2 billion food ingredients division, and a $3 billion maker of agricultural products. Monsanto started their corporate-wide SAP project in 1996. Their business’s goal was to increase operational excellence by cutting costs of core transactions-processing systems such as their order processing procedures and inventory management. By incorporating an integrated package that could account for their worldwide business operations, their division-level systems could be replaced (Sumner, 1999).
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