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Tori Meyer
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Information Technology and its Role Regarding Issues of Information Ethics
With the transition towards a more digitalized society, information technology has evolved in the United States. Information technology is the division of engineering associated with the use of computers and telecommunications to create, receive, transmit, and store information; in essence, it is the use of networks and computers. Over time, information technology has permeated into all sectors of modern day society.
The majority of Americans now has access to computers and the Internet and with such availability, are able to retrieve mass amounts of information. On the one hand, this increased obtainability has allowed for a more literate society, one in which individuals are provided constant means to a variety of information ranging from current events to language software to scholarly essays. It has also established new avenues of efficiency in regards to businesses and the economy, helping to transform the way our nation interprets and responds to the world (Koomey 2012).
However, with the endless possibilities that information technology generates, it also illuminates the issue of ethics associated with information retrieval. Information ethics has been defined as "the branch of ethics that focuses on the relationship between the creation, organization, dissemination, and use of information, and the ethical standards and moral codes governing human conduct in society" (Joan 2010). It generally pertains to matters concerning information ownership, access, and how the two correlate in terms of maintaining a civil moral code. Issues such as copyright infringement, protection, and intellectual freedom are commonly discussed w...

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...tries (Csorny 2013). With rates as high as those stated above, our economy is undoubtedly profiting from the information-based age.
With all of the knowledge I have acquired on the matter of information and its effect on our economy, I have found myself considering a career path in field related to it. Although I’m not positive as to what aspect of information technology that I would be interested in, I think that the facts regarding employment are incentive to look into it further. With my generation being so adept to information technology as we have matured in a time where it is highly prevalent in society, an occupation in information technology might be more attainable than I would think. Overall, the economic benefits associated with information technology are overwhelming, as our nation has continued to find ways to use these advancements to our advantage.
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