Information Technology

In this growing economy, there are many jobs that need to be fulfilled. Careers in Information Technology are some examples. In order to have a career in Information Technology, you must have a good education. One form of education for future careers in Information Technology is the Information Technology class offered at two high schools in Collier County: Lely High School and Immokalee High School. When completing this course, the student will receive a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Bundle Certification (3 of 5). This certification can help with career other than ones in Information Technology.
IT(short for Information Technology) is the study of storing, retrieving, and sending information through the use of systems and databases. There are around three career paths under the branch of Information Technology: Specialist, Project Manager, and Manager. A Specialist can include a developer, systems administrator, supporter as well as a consultant.(Olsen) Depending on the job you have, workers can do a variety of tasks. For example, you could be a software engineer. Software Engineers store information and data for the creation of computer software.(Quinstreet Enterprise) Perhaps you are a computer forensic investigator, you might be researching information that would be useful for investigating a crime. As you can see, there is a great variety in the types of work done in the Information Technology field.
There is also a great variety of job salaries in Information Technology. One of the lowest paying jobs in Information Technology is a computer support specialists. On average, computer support specialists get an annual wage of $53,660. The highest wage in Information Technology is a Computer Forensic Investigator, which has a...

... middle of paper ... can help company tremendously because of this, and is very important.(Olsen) With the advancement in technology, so will the advancement in Information Technology. Information is a modernized workplace that will definitely be on the rise in the next few years. It is also a great workplace to go into if looking for a new career.
I believe that all students should go to college. Especially if someone is looking for a career in Information Technology. It gives students a more secure spot in the workplace and allows the college graduates a better job with a higher salary. As said before, people with only a high school diploma could only get a low-paying job in IT. Although college costs a lot of money, it eventually pays off with a resulting higher annual wage. All in all, I believe it's best to get the most amount of education possible to further enhance your career.
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