Information Technology

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Information Technology

What is informational technology? Is it the new age of the century our something to do with computer programming? Information Technology means is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to use data. Information technology has not only impacted the new society and generation, but has been around since 3000 BC in Mesopotamia. The technology has assisted the world in the social, educational, and professional future by it can help you make a resume and a cover letter. It can help you in a person’s social future by using to help social security agencies to direct customer’s needs. It can also help a person in their educational future by providing in time learning, simulation and visualization. Third, informational technology shapes a person’s professional future by becoming an information technology certified professional. In stating that it influences the social, educational, and professional future, it shows that it belongs to the twenty first century.

First of all, information technology has assisted the world in the educational future by using tablets to help kids in school, having phones to help do homework, and the worldwide internet with millions of different websites to do research papers and college work. For instance, Samsung kid’s tablets now have interactive games for kids like creative corner and dolphin reader. On the other phones smart phones can help kids do homework by having calculators, a web search like google, and you can download applications on your iTunes store and blackberry. To continue, with the internet now with different websites can help college and high school students with research papers by using spark notes and cliff notes for summaries of articles. In the...

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...Informational technology jobs like accountants are on the rise because it is easily accessible to use computers in this lifetime now. Nevertheless, the most jobs in information technology is in New York City. The major in college for information technology, business science, is even getting more popular because you can easily make six figures working a job like that in the richest country in the world. Therefore, places like Wall Street, Forbes, banks, and other business hiring these students fresh out of college. Since industrial jobs are moving to different countries and robots are taking Americans jobs, people in in America are looking forward to going to college now more than never. After all, information technology might be the only way to relinquish this future as being the most intelligent generation of all time.

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