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The Job Market is more competitive and harder than ever before because of the rapid expansion of 3rd and 2nd world countries. Even one Job opportunity with menial pay can have 100’s of people trying to get the job. I believe that information technology is extremely crucial in these hard times, because it’s important for you to establish yourself and stand out from the multitude that may be just as good a worker as me, but If I have a complete comprehension of information technologies, a possible employer may see my application out of the hundreds or, possibly, thousands of applicants. Now that I am well versed in the information technologies, I believe I might have an edge against people that may have more qualifications, but still haven’t versed themselves fully in what is actually practical, and what is tried and true. If my resume is better than the rest of the applicants, and if I have a cover letter and a professional reference, of course I will have a much better chance of being considered, and that, to me is completely useful and practical. I believe that information technology will help with many facets of my life, including my social life as well as my educational and professional future. A crisp looking resume, cunningly worded, with all of the information is exactly what I believe is going to get me the job that I want and need.
The Social world has complete cohesion with the internet, and knowing how to type, and the proper etiquette can be the difference between getting your foot into a profession, and getting a boot to the rear end! The social norms that we all live our lives by doesn’t necessarily make them right, or good, but we should adhere to the ones that make sense to us. Such as being organized on the co...

... middle of paper ... I have always wanted to be.

The World has been completely changed with the inception of the internet and now that people are closer than ever, it has become more competitive, and more efficient than ever before. If you are going to survive in this market than we must become more efficient and competitive with the market. When we apply ourselves with the right tools, and we focus in the right areas, and we concentrate on the right things instead of using our energy and resources on negative things, we can achieve anything and even become the president of the United States of America. The way things are going, the U.S. might become bankrupt soon (morally and fiscally) and we all better have our things together or were going to be in a big heap of trouble. In conclusion, I believe that Informational technologies is paramount to becoming successful in this country.

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