Information System in an Integrated Multidisciplinary Health Care Team: A Strategy for improving Patient care.

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This ‘meaning’ and ‘feeling’ can only be gained with a subjective understanding. Therefore, the qualitative research method attempts to gain access to that personal subjective experience and stresses the idea that knowledge, especially of the subjective dimension best emerges when researchers understand the full context in which people behave(Monette et al, 2011). A cross sectional survey will be used in collecting data as many exploratory studies are cross sectional in nature. The cross sectional studies are observational in nature and are usually called descriptive research. This will lead me to using an interview as a tool for our primary data collection. Interviews are either personal or in groups and could be in the form of structured, unstructured or semi structure. In this write up, unstructured interviews, which will be open ended in nature, will be used as it will take the form of a discussion, generating more information. Despite the fact that it is quite time consuming, it will enable me to have an excellent understanding and perspective of the interviewee and the personal meaning they attach to care delivery. As a project manager, using questionnaires will give me the opportunity to know more on how information technology is important in an integrated multidisciplinary care team. The questionnaires given to staff of each discipline will consist of closed ended questions and a few open ended in order to understand if information technology is one of their strategies for improving patient care. Interview and questionnaire designing approach.  Theoretical review from an academic literature will be made before taking out the questionnaires and starting up the unstructured interview.  Un... ... middle of paper ... ...ut which the research won’t be valid. In carrying out this research, participants will not be persuaded in carrying out this research, information will not be held on the true nature of the research and participant’s right to privacy will be respected.. Anonymity and confidentiality will be guarantied. Anonymity and confidentiality will ensure that when someone picks up a research to read, a particular response will not be identified to a particular person, the name of the interviewee will not be made known. Above all, interviewee should opt in after an informed consent. When we talk of an informed consent, we mean the research will give the interviewee all the pros and cons of the research, tell him everything there is to know about the research and after all that is clearly said, the respondent will willingly decide if he will be a part of it or not.
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