Information Revolution

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In the recent time , because of the information revolution in modern all means of communication, information and one of them is today's man receives a constant stream of information and temptations, news, and jokes different from one cannot however enjoying the reaction force and the argument that the broadcast comes from space and not via the customs border or ports or airports, and that the broadcast comes from satellites are received transmitted by digital devices has led to a race between different countries in making channels more attractive have been using different ways to attract viewers to it. including what is scientific and useful and some are poor and falls under list to kill time and unloading of mind just to think properly. Today it is not limited to broadcast television but there are other means of communication has become the recipient to decide what type it receives because it is the research and investigation and that is through the Internet, which show the information that is acquainted with them and to search for or has the level of culture and send the person who sits behind a computer screen and use the keyboard to get information or broadcast what information. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using technology . The fact that you must know that the means of different communication which is used as a vehicle for the concept of cultural globalization can be led by us in the opposite direction and use it to offer an alternative culture which we are proud of the principles and culture of Islam, but a modern way capable of communicating with other people and language understanding and attracts audiences, taking into account the Science and abundant skills, such as sociology, psyc... ... middle of paper ... of any chemical or detergent such as drugs or pesticides or other materials met in daily life. The possible medical consultations for those who can understand and deal with this fast-paced world. In conclusion, The use of technology can go two directions, one cannot control it which is supplied to us from other cultures and that we must take it useful and fortify ourselves against the poor, including education, education, media, second trend in the use of technology can we use to export our culture and principles to all parts of the world, but this, as it mentioned earlier needs to be information and cultural competencies and never able to do to start promoting. what we have competencies to take injections of space rather than space remains the property of others. There are many advantages and disadvantages but the most important are in that essay .
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